from the heart of this new momma...

in typical Kim fashion, i cannot currently locate my camera... bummer. 
so instead of sweet pictures of my sweet baby we can look at these pretty flowers. 
they do make my heart happy. 
so does this pandora station. 
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honestly, my heart is not in the greatest of places. 
two weeks ago at bible study i shared how joshua & i were in this great groove
 and i was really feeling great about life. 
this morning at bible study i struggled to find the right words. 
this motherhood thing has got me to my breaking point. 
no sweet groove. just lots of screaming and crying and frustration.
we've had a couple busy days. not normal naps. not normal eating. 
he's becoming more aware for where i am and wanting to be with me. 
it's a whole new thing. 
and i just don't know... do i hold him constantly? let him cry? let him scream? 
God send some wisdom! 
i've got nothing. 

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and then i get frustrated that i am frustrated with this 
incredible blessing, this miracle, this gift, this perfect little boy... 
how can i get so upset with such a little person?
he's helpless & he just loves me
he has no other way to communicate & he knows he is secure in my arms
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so Lord, please send me Your wisdom, Your patience, Your strength, and Your peace.
i am nothing without You. 
i thank You for Joshua. i am so so so thankful. 
thank You for getting us this far. for the incredible five and half months we've had. 
thank You for Your promises. 
thank You for a great group of woman at my monday morning study to hold me up & tell me "this too shall pass" 
Lord, i need You. i love You. 

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