tuesday thoughts

so just pretend i wrote this yesterday... 

life here lately has been pretty crazy. my new job is a little bit more than i expected... it's still good, but i'm just getting used to working more than i thought i would be.

joshua's been struggling a bit- getting some new teeth, i believe. and then yesterday at his 6 month appointment he had to get some shots too.  shots + teething = rough life.
{the paper was o-so-exciting though}

i've been listening to lots of Boyce Avenue. if you've never heard of him. listen to him. he's amazing. seriously. 
 the moths are insane. i'm getting a little better at containing my fear. killing them myself.
{seriously moth who do you think you are? landing on my tv?}

God is doing some crazy stuff here. Like i don't even know. His plans are so beyond my comprehension. {maybe i'll share more on this someday}

i made a totally awesome dessert monday night. No-Bake Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Cookies. seriously make them. easy. delicious. my tip- add a little chocolate to the top for extra goodness.

joshua's solid food lineup- sweet potatoes. avacado. banana. 
i think he likes the avocado the best. as gram says, it's smoooooth.  
{he's really cute}

saturday was my "official i'm-too--cheap-to-pay-for-a-race-but-need-motivation 5 miler." all in all i would say it was a huge success. a lovely run down the sante fe trail. early may sunshine. good friends. awesome. and a 7 year old ran. he's awesome. and renae kicked our behinds. thinking of starting a once-a-month running club of sorts... 

mother's day is sunday. my first real mothers day. my magical plan- get panera to go after church & go to the park. the weather- 55 and raining. nevermind. now i have to think up some other plan. ugh.

joshua is awake again. damn those teeth. he's been waking up at about 6am every morning. damn those teeth. i really never thought teething would be such a big deal. who was i kidding. damn those teeth.
{but he is so cute}

going to rescue my son. find the orajel. and go the library. 
its better when we get out of the house. 
(for all of us)

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