my daily struggle

get it all done. 
wash all the dishes. 
clean off the table. 
pick up the living room. 
change your flipping clothes. 
finish your sewing project. 
clean off the desk. 
mail those tupperware invites. 
work on the baby album. 
organize his 3-6mo clothes. 
o and don't forget about your job
this is my daily struggle. 
fighting against the voice in my head that tells me i have to get it all done
that voice. it's a voice that lies. 
it tells me that if i don't get it all done i'm worthless, 
that i'm not good enough, 
that my husband will think less of me, 
i am not enough. 

but there is another voice out there, a voice of Truth.
that voice tells me I am His, 
that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, 
that my worth is found completely in Him, 
that He loves me. 
Christ loves me despite my inability to get it all done. 
Christ loves me despite my sin. 
Christ loves me right where I am at. 
and right now, 
i'm struggling to find balance, 
struggling to fight off that voice that lies, 
struggling to open His Word and read His Truths, 
but I know He loves me and forgives me. 
and that's what keep me going. 

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