happy birthday to my momma

you are the best Kma in the entire world. 
i love laughing with you and cuddling with you. 
thank you for taking care of me when mom & dad are gone. 
i love playing games with you. 
thanks for making diaper changing so much fun. 
i love riding in the car with you because i get to look at you. 
you are probably my 3rd favorite person in the world right now. 
i can't wait to go on wild adventures with you as i get older. 
i love you. love you. love you. 
i'm really going to miss you on your trip. but you can't miss me too much. 
i can't wait to see you and give you more kisses. 
love always, 
your first grandbaby, 

Dr. K, 
 Glad you were born! Didn't Kim pick out the best picture of me with you:) Mother Theresa can't touch you... No really she can't, she is dead. You are amazing and that is why my wife is so amazing so thank you for staying alive. I look forward to many more years of you healing me, and teaching me. Keep stickin it to the man! 
Love Manny

 there really are no words. 
i'm just really, really happy your my mom. and the Kma to my Joshie. 
you are beyond incredible at loving, cooking, laughing, helping, advising, teaching, dreaming, believing, and everything else. 
i hope that one day i can be a fraction of the mother you are.
can you believe that i was pregnant with our sweet boy in that picture up there?
thanks for holding my hand and walking through this life with me. 
i truly hope you have an amazing birthday and the perfect trip. 
we will certainly miss you, but it will be so great. 
you deserve the world! 
i really just love you so much. 
i am so thankful for you. 
i could not ask for a better momma and Kma. 
thank you, thank you, thank you. 
love, your daughter 
we love you!

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