this is why i blog...

i blog so that i can remember... 
remember moments like these:

it's been a long day. a good day. but a long day. 
jackson came to play. we meet auntie nicole at the park for lunch. i worked quite a bit. we went to a friend's 6th birthday party. manny's been working lots of overtime. it was 8:43pm on a friday night and he was sound asleep. 
but i was feeding my boy. 
after his belly was full, it was time for bed. 
being way past normal bed time i thought... 
maybe, just maybe  he'll lay his head on my shoulder and cuddle a bit... 

so i pick up that cute boy of mine and start to lay his head on my shoulder. 
he fights. 
i will not surrender, momma. never. 
after a few minutes he unwillingly lays his head on my chest.
so sweet, i think. 
then he starts babbling. 
the funniest babbles i've ever heard.
and all i could do was giggle. 
and he babbled some more. 
and then, suddenly, sat straight up, looked me square in the face
and flashed the most beautiful grin i'd ever seen. 
and i teared up and thanked God for this amazing boy

i blog so that i can remember... 
remember moments like these.

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