Tuesday Thoughts

Not to complain...but... the internet here at work is going CRAZY. Every like 10 seconds the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." So then you click on "Diagnose Connection Problems," go through the whole Web Page Diagnostics, turns out there are NO problems and you refresh the page and it will show up. Problem is I can't go 2 web pages without this happening. SO ANNOYING. so I don't have much inspiration or thought courtesy the internet today... ugh.

Last Friday I broke my toe. {Freaking Hurt} I "kicked" the corner of our bed post as I was walking... Yes, I screamed, cursed, and then tried to walk it off. But it seriously hurt. A couple hours later I put on my running shoes and ran 4 miles. Really didn't hurt too bad. Got back, took off my sock and the whole toe was one very pretty shade of purple.

Then Saturday, on my long 8 mile run my knee killed me. It started last Saturday, but by Sunday was fine. Hurt again after my Tuesday run, but Wednesday was fine. And then on Friday it didn't hurt too bad at all (maybe because I focused all my pain tolerance towards my toe). But I ran the s-l-o-w-e-s-t 8 miles ever. And w.a.l.k.e.d way too much. And seriously thought I LOST my running partner -insert emotional freak out- BUT I did "run" 8 miles. BUT the next day I seriously couldn't walk.

So hello Sunday - I.Look.Like.A.Mess.

In other news... This week is going incredibly slow.
Jackson is silly. And loves making a mess.
Girl Scout cookies will be the death of me.
Every day, my toe hurts more and my knee hurts less. I think that is a good sign...
I really wish it would snow something major. NOT because I like the snow but because I don't want to be in a DROUGHT all summer.
Church service was super awesome on Sunday. Check out: www.michaelfernihough.com
Ok I think this post makes.no.sense.

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