Lent of Don't

Don’t Give Up Television.

The first 8 days of Lent. I won't be giving up television... I'll still be watching my Kathie Lee & Hoda and Teen Mom 2 {Ha}.
But after I watch my morning KLG & Hoda, I'll be preparing my heart for Easter by reading the Word of God.
For whatever reason, I think I need to read through the Gospels.

Here's the plan:
Day 1, March 9: Matthew 1-14
Day 2, March 10: Matthew 15-28
Day 3, March 11: Mark 1-8
Day 4, March 12: Mark 9-18
Day 5, March 13: Luke 1-12
Day 6, March 14: Luke 13-24
Day 7, March 15: John 1-10
Day 8, March 16: John 11-21

Thank you Lord for this discipline. For this prepartion. For this sacrificing. I pray that each day that I do more reading of Your Word I learn, grow, and glorify You. Becoming more holy. For You and only You.

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