Who I Spend My Days With

My husband? No.
Co-workers? Not really.
Friends? No. I spend my days with a toddler. Jackson.
We've been spending are days together for about a year and half and I seriously just love this boy. I am so blessed by this job and have been reminded of it even more as I am tired and o-so-sick with this baby in my belly. He sleeps. I sleep. He eats. I eat. He plays. I play {and sometimes doze}. He's got the best smile. He doesn't easily laugh but when it does you have to laugh as well. His favorite toys are usually kitchen utensils. He loves his dog Mojo. His favorite foods include crackers, tomatoes, brocolli, cheese, and yogurt. He makes me smile everyday and I love kissing those chubby cheeks and doing my best to teach him new things every day. He doesn't say much. But he is very smart. He doesn't really like it when I ROAR. We color every morning. And read most afternoons. He never cries when he falls and gets a scrap. He's very tough. He is usually in a good mood. He likes to play in the dirt. He's friendly and loud. He listens very, very well. He loves to read and always has. At times, spending so much time with a baby that is not my own is tough. But he truly is worth it all. I love this boy!

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