Tuesday Thoughts

- the weather here has been quite gloomy lately...

- super blessed by the people I work with: bought car seat for Jackson to go in my car, that I can keep for my own baby. seriously. huge.

- My race is in 19 days. Ugh. I'm debating if I should do it. I guess I can always just walk it. But what kind of race is that? A pregnant one I suppose... The main issue is that I've pretty much felt terrible for going on 4 weeks now and thus have barely trained at all. Ugh.

- I don't want to a complaining pregnant person. Not only is it annoying and selfish. It's annoying and selfish. But I feel so terrible most of the time. I think I need to just say less. That's ok too.

- I will not be doing my student teaching in the fall. I'm pretty bummed. BUT I know this is God's plan... Far better than mine. Still don't really understand how working full time, as a student teacher, not getting paid is going to work out when I have little baby... BUT God's plan is better than mine and it will all work out. Right now I'm just excited I only have to go to class 5 more times and take an online. Then a break from any school work at all for a full year! That's a first since, well, I entered kindergarten!

- That new car I was going to get in May... I got in April. I am so thankful for this incredible gift! It is wonderful :)

- Manny has been sick :( He coughs all night. It's very sad. And neither of us sleep very well.

- Very busy weekend: Friday- Doc appt & Date Night! Saturday- Baby Shower for Kellie & Prom! Sunday- Church & Birthday Party. Should be busy. Should be fun. O yea, and that's right I'm going to prom knocked up! Ha!

- More gifts...
251. foods that don't make me sick.
252. family dinners.
253. finally figuring school stuff out.
254. trusting. the One who holds it all.
255. true Hope.
256. KLG and Hoda. seriously I enjoy that show. everyday.
257. peach size!
258. our bible study group. so blessed, loved, and challenged.
259. Disney movies in the morning.
260. rain. rain. make the fires go away.
270. heated seats.
271. a car that heats up very quickly.
272. a quiet engine.
273. busy weekends. lazy weekends. need them both.
274. marriage.
275. challenges.
276. goals.
277. getting my discipline back on!

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