Tuesday Thoughts

Well, a little diversion on Tuesday Thoughts... look back on March. Like every other month it went by quickly. Towards the end of the month we were even busier than normal. We took one Saturday and drove up to Fort Collins to be with our friends Jason and Shauna and their perfect baby girl, Evelyn. Had a picnic at Poudre Valley Canyon and just enjoyed a relaxing day together. The next Sunday, I took all the Clark girls to Disney Princesses on Ice! O my, it was so fun. Like always Disney was impressive and did such a great job. It was truly great :)
Kacy and Halee :)
Even though they were fighting colds they put on their smiley faces and enjoyed the evening

Halee and Reesie watching those princesses!

And then we got home and Siah put on my BOY shoes :)

I seriously LOVE this family. Am so blessed by each and every one of them. Am so thankful God has placed them in windy Colorado to be our friends! Am so happy I got to give.

Because giving is always better than receiving...

The next weekend Manny and I took two days to go Over the Mountains
and Through the Woods to Gram's House We Go
My Wonderful, Wonderful Great Gram! She turns 93 next month!

Soon after we go there my great-Uncle Jerry picked us all up to head to historic Ridgway and Ouray.

We ate at a super cute, tiny place in Ridgway called Kate's Place.


The historic library in Ouray

Stopped in at the Beaumont Hotel. Est. 1886. Restored in 2003.

Also, in Ouray they have a world famous Ice Climbing festival! Here are the cliffs of ice people climb for fun! Ha!

Manny didn't appreciate the heights so much...

There is also a hot springs in Ouray. The hot underground water keeps this baseball field green all year long!
Loved seeing all the baby cows :)

But mostly loved spending time with my Gram :)

That's all for today. Sorry. Post. So. Long.

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