throwing it back: summer vaca style

Manny & I have been super blessed to go on some AWESOME trips since we've been married! 
Sometimes it was with my parents and sometimes we were really stretching the budget, but I think both of us would look back & say it was worth it! 
Traveling to us is important - getting away, being together, new adventures - LOVE IT ALL. 
Let's take a look back... 

2009: we got married & went to DISNEYWORLD on our honeymoon!

2010: for our 1 year anniversary i surprised manny with a weekend getaway in SALIDA, CO to ride the monarch crest trail

 2011: we went to LAKE TAHOE with my parents
{baby Joshua growing in my belly}
 and went on a "babymoon" to SAN FRANCISCO

 2012: we took AlethiaYouth on a mission trip to JOPLIN, MO
{my mom graciously watched 9mo old Joshua while we were gone}

 2013: we took my very pregnant {with Asher} self to ORLANDO, FL for a long weekend "babymoon"
{again thank you to my parents + other family for watching Joshua}

 2014: just last week went on an incredible vacation to AVILA BEACH, CA with the whole family + my parents, brother & his girlfriend

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