Asher Gray: 12 months, 1 year!

Asher man,
1 year! We've been a family of 4 for 1 whole year & I don't think it could be more perfect! You are pretty much wonderful. You still love kisses & cuddles and are getting quite the sense of humor. You spend a lot of time in a "bear crawl" and move fast! You finally figured out how to go down the stairs the safe way & I'm pretty sure you are just excited to get to play in Joshua's room more :) You still are kind of funny with food but love mac n' cheese & very recently figured out you like fruit! I would say your favorite though is milk :)

For the first time since you were born, this month I have said Joshua is a little easier than you are. You are in stage of getting into EVERYTHING! We can't leave you alone for more than two seconds before you are climbing the rocking chair, pulling the books down, playing in the toilet {ok, this has only happened like twice ;)}, or pulling everything out of the cabinets. You also are in a "I want Momma only" stage. So these are my options- carry you around every where I go, get nothing done while playing with you on the floor, or let you be & clean up the massive mess that will certainly ensue. You're keeping me on my toes, that's for sure!
You now say "HI." It's pretty great. This month you just started talking a lot more. It's almost surprising when you start babbling because you have been quite for so long. But I love hearing you talk & learning more about this silly personality you're growing into! You are also incredibly tough. Nothing seems to phase you & you get tortured pretty often from you big brother, but you take it like a champ and hardly ever cry.
Your favorite toys are any trucks you can crawl/push around. You love standing up on everything including the walls. You are friendly & happy. You've always got a smile to share and really only get cranky when you are tired or hungry. 
This month we went on our first big family vacation to the beach! You were very apprehensive at first but by the last day you crawled up to the water all by yourself and were happy as a clam splashing, playing in the muddy sand, and letting the water crash up on you.  Goodness, I love that belly & those cheeks!
For you BIRTHDAY, we had a big BBQ at our house on your actual birthday! It was rainy and chilly so there were approximately 50 people squished inside our house- lots of people love you my boy! You were a little overwhelmed with all the people, a little tired because the thunderstorm woke you up, and in typical Asher fashion very apprehensive about the cake! I actually don't think you at any cake. You just played with it!
Asher, we are so in love you! You bring this family so much JOY & LOVE.
Your daddy & I just keep saying you truly are a HAPPY BLESSING {the meaning of your name}!
we love you more & more everyday!
your momma & daddy

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