five things friday

{finding it difficult to write these days... *five things friday* giving me somewhere to start}

1. today i fit {and buttoned [and didn't want to die of uncomfortableness]} into a pair of pre-pregnancy shorts! oh the joy! like seriously, i almost cried i was so happy.
i just finished level 2 of jillian michaels 30 day shred and was feeling like i was making no progress. but there is hope for this had-2-babies-momma body!

2. football has started! i LOVE my brother. i LOVE high school football.
i will be busy every friday night for the next 3 months.

3. my boys are JOY.
Asher's funny grin, bright eyes, and wonderful giggle.
Joshua's silly defiance, many words, and squeeze hugs.

4. it's september. it's hot out. i'm not complaining.

5. we jumped on the smoothie train. 3 weeks strong. Joshua & i have a smoothie every other morning for breakfast. i have been making "smoothie packs" at the beginning of each week- apple, strawberries, & cucumber {or any mixture of fruits on hand}. they sit in the freezer until smoothie time. add coconut water, 1/2 banana, and spinach or kale & we're good to go!
i feel healthy. Joshua loves it. it's easy. i like. 

happy weekend!

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