Asher Gray: 3 months

This month has been all about soaking in. 
soaking in:
//the last days of summer//
we spent quite a few morning at some of Colorado's finest "beaches"
//your chubby cheeks//
//your hilarious giggle//
//your wonderful cuddles//
your brother was never much of a cuddler, but you still fit so well snuggled up against my shoulder, resting your head. or falling alseep in the crook of my arm. i cherish those moments. 
//the relationship forming between you and Joshua//
it melts my heart to see him on you, share his toys, or be worried about your  cry. i pray that the Lord builds such a strong bond between the two of you. that you lean on each other in times of struggle. that you always laugh with one another. that you shine together the light of Christ.
Joshua sharing his favorite blankies and "monk" with you
//football games//
uncle johnny's football season started and we have made it to every game as well as one CU game.

Asher, i love your cheeks. i love your giggle. i love making you laugh and holding you close. 
you are still a pretty slow eater, but that's ok. 
you are officially sleeping through the night: about 8pm-7am {with a 10:30pm dream feed}
you do NOT like falling asleep in your car seat. 
you laugh the hardest after you get a little startled when playing peek-a-boo.
that days are warm and most of the time you just wear a onesie. 
you LOVE getting your clothes changed. 
i believe you will be just as ticklish as your brother. 
you really see people's faces and always light up when you hear your daddy. 
your hair continues to fall out. and you've currently got a pretty sweet mullet going in the back.
you play with your hands constantly. 
you rarely cry. 

we are so blessed by you, Asher bear. 
we love you more than you will ever know!
your momma

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