a very talented group of people from our church came together and created an album- Beautiful Mess.
to read more about the background of project read here.

to preview the songs or purchase the cd on iTunes {which i HIGHLY recommend} go here.

song 10. Seek. by Johnny Levy. it's good. really good. and convicting me in a huge way...

seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness 
seek and you shall find
knock and the door shall be opened
ask and it shall be given 
and I'm not talking about Sunday morning seeking
or just when I'm desperate seeking 
or when I find the time seeking 
but a lifestyle of persistence
a poor widow begging daily for justice
I'm talking about seeking like you just got poisoned and have 24 hours to find the antidote 
hard seeking
tear soaked seeking
fist clenched seeking
hands out stretched seeking 

read it again.
what does my seeking look like? it's pretty lame seeking...
how easily do i let "when i find the time" be my excuse? or when i'm desperate?
a lifestyle of persistence. that is what i desire! 

Lord, thank You for these words, for this conviction.
i want to seek hard after You. to see Your face. to know Your will.
let my seeking be tear-soaked and fist clenched. hard seeking.
i want to lean into You. rest in Your truth. not in my finite idea of time and what i need to accomplish.
praying that hard seeking becomes my lifestyle. i can only do that in Your strength.
give my strength. and desire. and deep conviction. everyday conviction.
everyday seeking. 

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