Asher Gray- 2 months

Hey there Asher Bear! 
You are 2 months old, very cute, very smiley, a great sleeper, a great eater, and a really wonderful baby! This month Daddy went on his missions trip with AlethiaYouth and left me alone with both my boys. We kept busy and the week went quickly. At the end of the week you went on your first trip- to Montrose to meet Gram! You also went to your first {2} weddings this month. We played mini-golf twice-with the AY Middle Schoolers and Alethia Staff on Date Night. We left you with Kma and Opa for the first time so Daddy and I could go to a Rockies game to celebrate our 4th anniversary.
Every night you sleep from 9pm - 5or6am, and then fall back asleep till about 7:30 or 8. We moved you into your crib in your own room. I haven't really decorated it yet, but all you really care about is a place to sleep and a place to eat- crib & rocker- check! 
You stay on a pretty strict 3 hour schedule. It helps keep our days sane and you sleeping through the night. Unlike your brother, you don't sleep very well in car seat or when we are out and about. 
Your hair is falling out on the sides, still very long on the top, and a lot is still in the back. You grew out of Newborn clothes last month and are already trying to grow out of 3 month clothes! You limbs are long and you have little control of them, which is pretty funny sometimes. Your neck still isn't too strong, but you'll get there! 
This month you started smiling! O my I love that smile! You are extremely expressive with your eyes and get so excited your whole body reacts! I love making your smile little man. 
You are pretty cuddly, and I pretty much love that! My favorite time of day with you is around 2 in the afternoon. Your brother is still sleeping and we get some alone time to cuddle and smile and just relax in the peace of the afternoon.
You are really content doing just about anything- taking a bath, sitting in your chair, laying on the mat, riding in the car, being held, or hanging out in the Moby wrap.
Your 2 month birthday, marked 1 year since Major David Gray was Killed In Action in Afghanistan. You are named after Mr. David and his family- Heather, Nya, Garrett, and Ava. He loved Jesus and his family. I can't wait to tell you more about his legacy and love for the Lord.
2 Month Stats: 
Height- 25.3in- 99%
Weight-13.4lbs- 69%
Head Circumference-16in- 86% 

You are such a blessing Asher! We are so thankful for your smiles, sleeping, eating, and that you are just so content most of the time. Even though your brother is sort of struggling to accept that Momma and Daddy's attention is split, he loves you very much. Every time we go anywhere he asks, "Baby?" and I have to say "Yes, Joshua, your brother is coming with us." I don't think he will ever let us leave you or forget you!
 I love how you smile with your eyes and fit so easily in the crook of my neck and into my arms. I love seeing you smile and watch your brother. I love you wrapped up like a burrito in your swaddle blanket in the middle of your crib. I love your long limbs and big full belly. I even love you when it takes you almost an hour to eat, every three hours. 
we love you more and more every day! 
love, your momma

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