we're waiting... not very patiently.

this is my giant belly. 
i have very little motivation to do anything besides have a baby this week. 
last week i was crazy nesting/ getting ready/ cleaning/ building/ preparing. 
this week i am ready for that baby to come! 

joshua's been helping me get ready. 
trying out all the baby gear & even got a nasty cold/ cough so i could practice waking up in the middle of the night to rock a baby. 
thankfully he's feeling much better :) 

i am so ready to be done being pregnant... 
but i am pretty scared about how this baby will change our family. 
manny asked me what my biggest fear was and my honest answer- 
i fear how joshua will respond/ react/ feel...
i KNOW that this baby is what the Lord has for our family, 
but change can be scary. his little life is about to be turned upside down and he's not going to understand that in about 9 months he'll have a built-in best friend and playmate... 
transition and change will be hard, but i KNOW it will be SO WORTH IT. 
praying my heart remembers that when my joshie boy is struggling with sharing his momma and daddy, our time, our laps, our mealtimes, our house, our bedtimes, and everything in between.

so these days are all about waiting. not very patiently.
not wanting to cook, clean, or do much of anything 
(especially bend over, move quickly, or really move at all- thank you giant belly)
but we are waiting... 
baby #2- come out whenever you are ready!

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