i think it was a pretty known fact that i was most worried about how the introduction of this new little family member would affect my little man Joshua...

but i am happy to say they are both doing so great. 
for the first couple of days Joshua was pretty indifferent to Asher. 
each day he has gotten more and more interested in his little brother. 
he knows which blankie belongs to Asher and is quick to bring it to him. 
he always wants to give Asher his pacifier. 
for the past three mornings the first thing Joshua has said to me when i go in and get him from his room is "baby?" 
when Asher cries Joshua is always concerned. 
i'm praising God that my Joshua is already such a good big brother. 
he is sweet and concerned and quick to love on his little brother. 
what a blessing!

not to say there aren't hard times between the 2 of them... 
Joshua has thrown a fit or two while i'm nursing Asher. 
Joshua often wants to climb in my lap at the most inconvenient times.
 Joshua tries to "rock" Asher in his chair a little too rough at times. 
and Joshua is certainly  hearing "no" way more than before.

but all things considered, these brothers are doing great! 
we are so blessed and so thankful for the bond they already share. 
we can't wait to see their relationship grow and change. 

Joshua, you are already such a great big brother!
Momma & Daddy are very proud of you! 

Asher, just keep up your sweet newborn ways & i'm sure Joshua will make you nice and tough :) 


  1. So glad to hear--he looks very sweet! We will keep praying for a smooth adjustment and a strong bond.

  2. I LOVE the season that you are in! I love that your treasures are so close together. I love that you'll have the gift of watching their friendship grow over the years. I love that the Lord has blessed you abundantly sweet friend! And I love watching you be a Mama to your little ones. You're a gift and a blessing to them both. I'm praying alongside you during these early days. It is such a sweet season and an exhausting season all in the same breath. You know I'm just up the road if you need ANYTHING at all! Please please don't hesitate to call on me. Love y'all to pieces. :)