life lately...

the weather has been warming up a little bit lately...
some days we just walk around our lack of an actual yard and play in the dirt,
some days we go to the park.
either way joshua has a blast!
jackson & joshua running in the field at fox run

joshua has been loving the slides at the park.
he had been climbing up the play structure, sitting down himself, and then going to the slide over and over having the time of his life! so i decided to go over and take a picture. this was the only picture i got because instead of sitting down he just stepped right off! i did my best to catch him but was pretty unsuccessful :(
thankfully he's a tough guy & was back to playing in about 2 minutes.
these balls were super fun
playing and eating the sand!
 last weekend, we took our youth kids on the 1st ever
AlethiaYouth Ski Retreat 

really a great weekend of late nights, skiing, and being together.
i was in charge of all the non-skiing kids- we went tubing & did a scavenger hunt & ate :) 
we did have one injury- a leader got a concussion while snowboarding :(
i spent the majority of Saturday evening with her at the med center & then hospital. 
it was scary for sure, but thankfully she's doing just great now and it wasn't anything too serious.
earlier this week, joshua and i went on a preschool field trip with our good friend Lindley. 
we saw lots of awesome farm animals. 
this cow was my favorite. he's shoulders were the same height as me! 
and lastly, joshua riding the horse at Auntie Karla's. 
so cute! 
{only 1 month till the wedding!!!!!!} 

that's all. really, i'm just ready for spring

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