mthere is too much to be thankful for.
including that i finally got a new blog design. i couldn't be happier about it.
even though i've had joshua's announcements done since the beginning of february, i finally sent them all out.
i finally sent my great-gram some updated pictures of baby joshua. she will be so happy. that makes me very happy.
i've been listening to this song. over. and over. and over.
i lost 2 pairs of sunglasses. finally bought new ones. found one pair at sister in laws house. just found the other pair at my parents. now i have 3 pairs. hope i don't lose any of them...
march 12th- we are getting the internet at house!!!
doing pretty good at the no dairy thing... until last night when i had cheesy bread. but come on, it was soooooo good.
manny, joshua, and i went on a walk sunday afternoon. pretty perfect.
spring is coming.
went to the park for the first time this year last week! it might have been windy and only last 15 minutes but it sure was lovely.
going to start researching starting baby on solids. so not ready for that...
i'm so happy i have a new blog design.
we are insanely busy. but we are seeing a lot of people we really love. so i'm just thankful.
i have the most amazing tuesday night book study. these women are incredible & spur me on like no other.
the snow is coming.
kaci is going to have a baby real soon!
i'm going to do my devotional.
{so happy for a new blog design!}

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