happy birthday sister of mine

yesterday my little sister turned 22


we love you

we had fun at the zoo!

on this birthday of yours i've been thinking...

i'm so very proud of you.

you've very hard to accomplish your goals & see your dreams come true.

your job is perfectly suited for you.

everyday will be something new & exiting.

people look a lifetime for a job like that.

and here you are, just 22 & you've got it!

way to go sister!

you are the very best aunt.

joshua lights up every time hears your voice.

he giggles every time you tickle him.

he smiles every time you smile at him.

you love him sooooo much.

he loves you soooooo much!

you are such a great sister.

this year has been good for us, i think.

we've gotten a lot closer, and i really like that.

thanks for all your love & support.

and for listening to all my issues... ;)


we love you more than you know.


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