got milk? ... got acne?

it all started about a month ago...
my mother & i noticed a not so sweet looking rash on my very sweet baby boy...{yea he's not too happy about it either}

and i was reading this post over here {ps. this is one of fav blogs to read}
and she, also with a newborn with a rash did some googling & found a face rash in breastfed babies can sometimes be caused be the momma's dairy intake. she stopped eating/drinking dairy and no more baby face rash...

so i gave it a try... it also cleared my babies face. yay.
{see he's pretty psyched about it too}

and then my mom noticed something else...
it had cleared up my face as well.

it started around 6th grade. didn't go away when i got my period. didn't go away when i started high school. didn't go away when i got my braces off. didn't go away when i started college. didn't even go away for my wedding day. didn't go away when i graduated college and started my masters. didn't go away when i had my first child. has never gone away... until now.
ACNE that is.
{yea, here i am. terrible acne and all}

i though it was a hoax. my skin was looking pretty clear... but being my stubborn self, i drank an entire glass of milk {and ate some chocolate chip cookies, of course}. the next morning: 3 terrrible. huge. red. painful. yucky zits.

ugh. so i looked it up... "At least three large-scale studies reported in the American Journal of Dermatology found a link between drinking milk and acne. NaturalNews reported about a study that found those who drank two or three glasses of milk a day had 44% higher chance of developing severe acne." source. also found website- and a few other sites/studies.

so this was no joke.
now i just have to come to the reality that i may never get to enjoy a nice, cold glass of chocolate milk again. no more pizza. no more mac n cheese. no more ice cream.
i literally just named my top 3 favorite foods in the whole universe.

for some people {like my mother} this would be no big deal. but for others {like picky picky eater, cheese and milk lover me} this will be hard.

but i have a choice. finally get rid of ACNE for the first time in over half my life?? or drink some milk. i think i'll chose the first.

so tonight i will be grocery shopping for coconut oil, coconut milk, non dairy cheese, etc.
wish me luck!
and if you have any suggestions about how to do this whole dairy free eating thing please let me know...

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  1. Hey Kim, I feel ya!I'm going gluten-free, dairy free for Nolan. Once you get the swing of things and change up your diet, you'll find that is not as hard as you thought (or at least that is what I have found to be true). Here are some things that I have come to love- dark chocolate almond milk (seriously tastes like cow's chocolate milk to me) and hummis on pizza in the place of cheese (I love the spicy roasted pepper hummus from costco), sounds odd but it is yummy! I haven't found a good alternative to ice cream yet, but I am thinking of trying my hand at some with rice milk. And, look up recipes- google is a friend in this diet changing adventure! Best of luck!