Joshua Manuel: 3 months

Yesterday you turned 3 months old. Pretty much, you are no longer a newborn... I don't really know how I feel about that.
This month:
- you showed us how stubborn you can be
- you gave up your pacifier (I have no idea why)
- you got your first cold & nasty cough :( but it really didn't affect you too much- still my sweet boy.
- I started watching Jackson once a week. You gained an all day play date every Friday. He sure does love you and make you laugh!
- you became pro at sleeping through the night
- you let us know that you are for sure not a cuddler
- you grew out of 0-3months clothes
- you went through a growth spurt were you wanted to eat almost every 2 hours
- you went through a phase of only wanting to eat from one side... stressed your momma out.
- I got the flu and then 2 days later a clogged duct. no fun.
- you laughed out loud for real
- you're hating tummy time less and less everyday
- we love you more and more everyday!
You are such a sweet boy. You love to be looked at, talked to, and played with. You fall asleep on your own very easily. You are becoming more and more aware of what's going on... We can't just cart you around every where and know you are going to sleep through it all. It's an adjustment, but we know you are just growing up. I love right after bath time. I lotion you up and you smile and giggle the whole time. Your nakey body is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. You're almost always playing with or trying to chop on your hands. When Daddy gets home from work (if your not sleeping) you just watch his every move and tell him all about your day. I have a feeling you are going to be a talker... You already have so much to say. You are so strong! You can hold up your head no problem and can support yourself on your legs easily. You love to bounce on the bed while looking at me, Daddy, or Kma. I can't wait to see what happens in your fourth month...

You really are the greatest baby. We love you. Too much.
Love, your Momma

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