Kennedy Maren: 2 years

Kennedy Maren, 

Happy 2nd Birthday! 
My baby girl you are getting so big and we love you so much! 

At two years old some of your favorites include: 
your bunny 
Minnie Mouse
Paw Patrol 
your brother Joshua
being with your momma all the time 
breakfast foods 
reading ALLLLLL the books
doing everything your brothers are doing 
listening to "your song" on my phone - Say the Word by Hillsong United
your boots (really all shoes) 
laughing with your Kma
pretend talking on the phone to your Opa
reading with your Grandma Mary & Grandpa George
friends- Ruthie, Audra & Grace

Girl, you make us laugh all day. You have the deepest little voice. The way you say "yeaaaaa" and "no" are pretty much my favorite. You are slow to wake up and most days take about a 2 hour nap. Your hair is so cute & curly. You don't have a problem getting it done every day. If your brothers are jumping, you are jumping. If you brothers are wrestling, you are wrestling. You are very tough and are learning how to speak up for yourself. You are extremely opinionated and have a pretty strong will. You know what you want and you have learned to cry or repeat yourself until you get what you want. You love babies and are pretty smitten with your brother. I was a little concerned as to how you would react to his addition to our family, but for the most part, as long as you can be close to me you are happy. You often sit on my lap while I nurse and always close for diaper changes and getting Brooks out of his bed. We call you Baby (Brooks is "New Baby" or "Baby Brooks"), Sissy, and Kennedy Girl. 
You also pretty much potty trained yourself at 21 months old. One day you started grabbing at your diaper, the next day you were grabbing at your diaper and saying "no, no, no" so I asked you if you wanted to go to the bathroom. You ran upstairs and pooped on the froggy potty. For the month of December were just wore underwear at home and by the first of the year you were wearing undies 100% of the time, even during nap time. We still have some accidents when we forget to take you or if you get to distracted to sit, but I would definitely say you potty training yourself before the baby came was a big blessing! 

2 year old Stats: 
Height- 31 inches, 98%
Weight- 29.3lbs, 83%
Clothing- Growing into 4t 

Kennedy, we love you girl! We love your opinions, smile and laughter. We love the way your love your bunny, blankie, kitty and puppy when you sleep. We love your passionate pursuit of what you want and the way you love your brothers and friends. We are certain you will do great things one day. 
We pray that smile continues to light up every room you walk in and that you never lose your zest for  life. We are so incredibly thankful you are our daughter! 
We love you more & more every day! 
your momma & daddy 

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