Kid Quiz - Joshua - 6 years old

A no coaching, no input quiz --- Exactly as Joshua answers:

•What is your name? Josh
•How old are you? 6
•When is your birthday? November 1st
•How old is Mommy? Um, I don't know
•What is your favorite color? Red
•What is your favorite food? Pizzaaa!
What's your favorite thing to do? Go golfing with Dad
•Who is your best friend? Maddox, no not Maddox- Jackson❤️
•What is your favorite TV show? Star Wars
•What is your favorite movie? The Star Wars movie (that he's never seen)
•What is your favorite song? Well it might be two things - actually three - "I'm a little unsteady" "Glorious" and then "Once I was 7 years old" 
•What is your favorite animal? Tiger - ALL of the predators, but my favorite it the Tiger
•What are you scared of? Nothing
•What makes you happy? Golfing
•Where is your favorite place to go? Golf
•What do you want to be when you grow up? A Zoo Keeper
•What is Mommy's favorite thing to do? Go Shopping? 
•What is Mommy's favorite color? Orange
•What does love mean? Um love means that somebody loves us. 

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