Kennedy Maren: 8 months

My Beautiful Girl, 
In all honesty, I am doing this update 1.5 months late. But I don't want to forget & I want to write down all the wonderful things that happened in your eighth month of life. You continued to eat more and more solids. Still not a fan of sweet {bananas, apples, pears, etc} and love sweet potato & avocado + anything I will feed you straight from the table. You've also enjoyed Cheerios and the occasional Pirates Booty :) 
This month we traveled to Gunnison to watch Johnny play football & then over to Montrose to see Gram. Gram gave you your very first cookie and you were not upset about it all. What a gift we have in Gram! 

We also celebrated Halloween- you were the cutest little OWL I ever did see!

And lastly, you worked on you crawling, kept rolling around, and starting getting into more and more trouble!

Your brothers are your #1 fans! They love to cheer you on & always make you laugh!!!

We love you Miss Kennedy Maren! 
You are a pure gift! 
love you more and more everyday, 
your momma  

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