thankful: Nov. 1st- 7th

  1. talking to Joshua first thing in the morning 
  2. early morning kisses for my boy 
  3. the fact that nursing with Asher is going so well 
  4. that i can work from home 
  5. my sister
  6. freddies. 
  7. fries. 
  8. custard. yum. 
  9. go bears! 
  10. senior night WIN 
  11. watching our boy feel like home is at a football stadium
  12. my moby wrap
  13. that super awesome brother of mine
  14. our new SHED
  15. friends to help move & lift it
  16. my daddy, always looking out for us 
  17. a husband who supports me & watches the boys while i go run 
  18. meeting my 4 mile goal 
  19. the ability to run 
  20. being a block from the Sante Fe trail 
  21. a 2nd birthday party 
  22. train tracks 
  23. friends and family together to celebrate
  24. a husband who works hard for our church and Jesus
  25. family who loves and supports
  26. a 5 minute drive from Kma & Opa's to our house 
  27. going to church to see Daddy
  28. 10 little babies in the nursery 
  29. Alethia Church 
  30. friends who love on our boys
  31. Sunday afternoon naps 
  32. getting another run in 
  33. grace from my husband when i mess up
  34. our bible study 
  35. king soopers roasted chickens ready to eat 
  36. meals with friends
  37. knowing that this season won't last forever 
  38. monday morning laundry 
  39. joshua doing so great at his 2 year appointment 
  40. my moby warp (again) (making my life with two much easier)
  41. my great friend, kaci 
  42. great friends for our boys, jocelyn & ella
  43. dinner with friends
  44. a blog to keep track of this great life 
  45. time to work 
  46. an unexpected date 
  47. really good coffee
  48. Grandma Mary 
  49. Grandpa George
  50. tasty leftovers (for days) 
  51. that the boys have 4 grandparents to love and spoil them all the time
  52. extra blankets on cold nights
  53. staying up late just to kiss him goodnight
  54. the dentist
  55. no more tooth pain 
  56. a good nights rest 
  57. all our amazing youth group kids 
  58. all the joy they bring 
  59. Kma 
  60. Opa
  61. Uncle Johnny
  62. late night french toast
  63. hard conversations
  64. early mornings 
  65. 3 miles south & back 
  66. hot coffee & a shower to warm me up 
  67. candy corn for joshie & mommy
  68. noodle lunch
  69. 3 blocks to the park 
  70. 4 blocks to the post office
  71. naptime
  72. Halloween candy leftovers
  73. a new show 
  74. a sitting up boy 

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