Pottery Barn

O Pottery Barn. How I love thee. One of my life goals was to register at PotteryBarn for our wedding--- And I did. I was able to purchase my dream Duvet Cover [which we still have never taken out of the packaging, because we can't stand to buy a King Down Comforter when we have a queen size that works perfectly fine] and a few other lovely, lovely items that I will hold dear to my heart for many years.

The problem lies in the fact that I love bargains, deals, and the inexpensive... Much of which you will never find at the o-so-wonderful Pottery Barn. So my compromise: Document all the beautiful things I see and desire so that one day I can create a more practical, inexpensive version.

Exhibit A: this beautiful bar/buffet. the great display shelving. and the collection of green bottles. love it. all.

Exhibit B: So Manny and I have A LOT of books. Our office will most likely be just walls of bookcases. But I particularly appreciate this one for a living room.

Exhibit C: Everything about this wall I LOVE. The frames, the keys, the pictures/prints. This certainly is an achievable goal.

Exhibit D: To an organization freak like myself... This is organization heaven! And one day I will have something very similar.

And lastly just a few other things I find particularly GREAT:
So there you go. Pottery Barn- I love you. But will never spend the amount of money you require. So I will be inspired by you and copy you.

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