Tuesday Thoughts

this morning my best-east-coast friend texted me: you weren't affected by last nights earthquake were you?? umm... I didn't even know there was an earthquake. I tried looking around to see if anything had fallen off the walls- there wasn't anything. and she later informed me it was 150 miles south of denver. the news hasn't really even said anything.

this week I did 2 things from my pinterest boards! yahoo. I wrapped the letter W in green yarn for the baby's abc wall. it's very cute. and then last night I made a very yummy and easy chicken broccoli casserole. but then I forgot to make the rice. oops.

Tupperware business is going... the road hasn't been easy but I'm finding balance both with my time and in my head {it's so easy for me to let it become all-consuming}. Goal is to book 2 parties by the end of this week. I'm very close to dating one. Only one more to go. I'll also be submitting my first party this week. yahoo.

Jackson and I are going to the library and swimming today. can't wait.

I'm 30 weeks. seriously 30 weeks. only 10 more to go. I'm scared.nervous.excited. I have to pee often. heartburn is no fun. neither are these terrible leg cramps. but I love this belly of mine. more importantly I love this baby of mine. and I can't wait to meet him. ok I really can wait. I'll just be really excited when I do.

tomorrow AlethiaYouth is having a Taco Fiesta!

I find it rather amusing that I have "business expenses." ha. I guess I really am starting my own business or something... O what's that? You want to host a Tupperware party? GREAT. email me.

Have been listening to a lot of Shawn McDonald. he's my favorite.

Manny turns 25 in 16 days. crazy. we're getting old. kind of...

Ok time to get ready for the library/pool time. see ya.

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