As I continue on in this journey towards motherhood, I have easily become overwhelmed with the idea of raising this boy to become a Christ-follower, a strong leader, a man of God. Currently, I am reading Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony. Adam, a pastor at our church, packaged the books & had a few extra copies and handed one to me. The books talks mostly about creating "environments" for being a spiritual parent. One of those environments is identity.

In the past few months I have often looked back on my own childhood and my own parents. What did they do that allowed me to be who I am? How did they raise me so that I knew right from wrong, hard work, and the importance of having Christ as number one in my life? These questions often go unanswered in my mind... But as I read this chapter, I had an "AHA" moment.

Anthony talks about the importance of creating an identity with God that is founded in Christ. Based of Ephesians 1, she wrote a statement of identity for each of her children:
"My name is _________. I am the chosen and adopted daughter of the Most High King. I'm the heir to an eternal inheritance waiting for me in heaven. I have been bought and completely paid for by the perfect sacrifice of Christ's own blood and am sealed throughout all eternity by God's Holy Spirit."
What truth that statement speaks!

For as long as I can remember my parents said "Remember who you are" every time my sisters or brother or I walked out the door, left the car, or walked away. Most of the time I would roll my eyes and walk off, but as I look back I can see the true gravity of the statement. Even if I did roll my eyes, I would know who I was. I was/am a hard-worker, a Christ-follower, a forgiven sinner, a daughter of the King, etc.

And they continued to instill those values in me even when I "forgot who I was." Each time I messed up, disobeyed, or failed they reminded me "Yes, this time you did not choose choose, but this does not define you. This not who are. This is something you did, but is not who you are. You're still the same person. You still belong to God- you are in Christ. And that can't be taken away. We love you."

And isn't that what this whole thing is really about? It's about forgiveness. About Christ's unfailing love. About freedom in who I am, just as God created me. It's about my identity in Him.

Figuring out how to instill this identity in my son will be something Manny and I will continually work out. But I can see how my parents worked to teach me my value in Christ alone, even when I forgot. I am so thankful for this moment. For the years my parents told me to "Remember who I was." And even more grateful for the years they spent teaching me truth about my identity. I pray Manny and I will teach and instill the truths of God's word into our son's life daily and someday he will always remember who he is.

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