28 Weeks

wow. 28 weeks. start of my third trimester.
seems pretty unreal!
as you can tell from the pictures above I'm looking quite pregnant {the dog really wanted to be a part of picture session}
feeling quite pregnant as well.
I love love love feeling this baby kick me as much as he does.
it's all over- high, close to my ribs, real low and deep, or sometimes right on the side and you can see it by just looking at my belly.
my belly button still hasn't popped out.
i'm feeling it in my back much more ~ so thankful for a husband willing to give me a back massage nearly every night!
still getting heartburn, but not as often. it's worse if we eat out.
can't believe how swollen my ankles & feet are getting already! i feel like this will only get worse... no.thank.you.
definitley easily tired. seriously, can't stay up past 11pm.
sleeping is different every night. sometimes ok, sometimes pretty awful. suprisingly I slept great when we went camping! yahoo.
clothing options are getting fewer and fewer...
super excited about our anniversary/babymoon trip this weekend!
feeling slightly less overwhelmed with the idea of raising a child. learning what it means to be an abiding mom. so thankful for great, Godly women lifting me up & giving me the advice, encouragement, support I'm needing...
can't wait to meet this little man!
seriously, what color will his hair be?!?!
we love you, little guy. we love you o so much!

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