Tuesday Thoughts

1. i'm feeling very tired today... a nap will most certainly {hopefully} be in my future.
2. it going to rain.
3. yesterday the baby kicked and kicked and kicked. i think he wore himself out. today he's been much less active.
4. we are going rafting with our youth kids this weekend. and "we" i mean, manny and kids and other leaders are going rafting while i read a book. that's ok.
5. i just bought a super cute print for the baby room off etsy. check out this great shop.
6. jackson has just stopped using his spoon to eat applesauce. instead is using it to eat ketchup.
7. bought a new brand of mac n' cheese. very good. yum.
8. i think the Lord has provided some great opportunities for me once this baby comes. i plan on confirming them later today... or maybe tomorrow...
9. jackson might be the only 2 year old in the world that puts mac n' cheese in his mouth & then spits it out. seriously. who is this kid?
10. less than 3 months till i meet my baby. ah!
11. still trying to work on a good nickname...
12. lunch with a 2 year old who doesn't talk is quite peaceful...
13. only thirteen weeks left in this pregnancy. {i'll think we'll stop here. 13 thoughts for 13 weeks}

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