Tuesday Thoughts

+well, just did my first real work as a Tupperware consultant! spent an hour calling everyone about my Grand Opening or letting them know that I was doing this. it was good. stretched me a little more than I thought it would. but I'm excited :)
+still reading spiritual parenting. it's good. I feel like I'm learning quite a bit. and I came up with the next idea for AlethiaYouth's service project! super excited about that.
+have a long to do list for this very short week. but can't wait to cross everything off and get on that plane- just me and my husband {and our baby in my belly} alone in a cool, new city ready to explore, relax, and enjoy each other!
+so thankful for friends. and that they like sharing dinner with us ;)
+have a doctor's appointment today. getting my glucose test. so have to drink that orange drink they gave me in about 10 minutes. everyone is saying it will be super gross. we shall see.
+I had to walk out of the post office today with jackson {before I mailed my packages} because he was throwing the biggest tantrum ever & wouldn't stop screaming. seriously. I did not enjoy that at all.
+but then we went to the Y to swim. it was very fun. he's like the cutest, happiest fish I've ever seen!
+it's amazing to me how quickly calendars fill up. seriously amazing. should it be different? I really don't know....
+ok. that's all. i'll be breaking from blogging until next week. anniversary/babymoon vacation- here we come!

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