Tuesday Thoughts

Well, first I think I should say I'm sick. I don't like being sick. I thought I was getting better. But I slept terrible. I feel terrible right now. I'm self-diagnosing a sinus infection. Seriously, I hate being sick. The fact that I ran six miles yesterday might have to do with the fact the I feel terrible today. Whatever. I barely slept last night. Dreamt I was dealing with a basketball team that couldn't figure out that you have to run up and down the court. It was very frustrating. Right before I woke up Cam Newton was coming to play for us. Now there's some hope. [Cam Newton won the Hiesman Trophy this year - he's a quarterback]. I think the worst part is that I'm pretty sure I kept Manny up all night too. I feel really bad about that. Between the coughing, tossing, turning, whining, and occasional sleeping with the water battle and spilling it all over myself [yes, I did that] I don't think he slept much either. ugh. Jackson is sick too. So at least we can be sick together. I'm not being a very good nanny. So right now I'm listening to some great music and trying not to think about how bad I feel. I feel like I have no other thoughts right now... Except I would really like to find that mirror I want for my mantle and something I can turn into an ottoman soon.

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