Tuesday Thoughts

First of all,
I have successfully completed Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 days, 30 workouts. Done. 9.8 lbs lost!
Seriously, so excited about this one!!!!!

Secondly, pretty perturbed... So I started reading The Hunger Games Trilogy. I finished the first book in 1 day. Yes, 1 day. I really liked the book. Super interesting. When I was trying to determine what book came next in the trilogy I was confused and my brother very confidently informed me it was Mockingjay so I willingly began reading that book. Got about 75% of the way done and realized on the front cover of Mockingjay it says "The Final Book of The Hunger Games." REALLY?!?!?! SERIOUSLY???? No wonder I was so freaking confused!!!! So I put that book down and have started reading "The Second Book of The Hunger Games," Catching Fire. And it's good, but not near as good as it would have been if I hadn't read the majority of the last book before it. UGH.

In other news, I'm absolutely freezing. Seriously, the windchill today is -45. seriously. And yea, I know I live in Colorado blah blah blah but this is just plain RIDICULOUS.

I can't wait to go grocery shopping tonight. Yes, I love grocery shopping.

If you want a really amazing story of a really amazing four year old, please read this. Filled my heart this morning.

"And my prayer is this: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and in depth of insight." Philippians 1:9. memorized Scripture as part of our 11 series. heck yes.

Alright, now I'm going to read more the book. when I already know what happens. jimmy.

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