Day Off : Hanging with the Ferni's

We had "Lego Time," played with the lightsabers, did a sports game on the Kinect, ate fish sticks for lunch, & only had one pee accident! What a great way to spend the day! Hanging out with some of my very favorite kids!

My favorite quote of the day- While I was changing Lindley's diaper:
Noah: "Lindley's just the cutest baby in the world isn't she?"
me: "Yes, she is the cutest baby"
Noah: "But what about Baby God?"
me: "Well, I bet he was pretty cute too."
Noah: "Well, maybe Lindley and Baby God had equal cuteness..."
me: "That sounds about right"

ps. No picture of Drew since he was at school most of the day, and Lindley just sleeps a lot!

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