Tuesday Thoughts

Quite a while ago Manny and I had the weekly habit of creating weekly goals. We kind of out grew this stage and no longer write out such lists, but for what ever reason I keep thinking it is something I may need to do again... So on this Tuesday here my goals...

- For the year (maybe forever), I will not buy anything for my home, self, or husband that is not on sale or under $10

- Fill in all the dates you observed check

- Observe Aunt Billie's class {Thursday} nope

- Finish reading book. check

- Run 4 times {Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday}, Jillian twice {Monday, Thursday}

- Go to Clark's We LOVE Love Party with Jackson! check

- Find a new book to read.

- Enjoy Love Day with Manny. check

- Go Ice Skating with AlethiaYouth girls! {Sunday}

- Scrapbooking time with dear friend Autumn. {Saturday}

- Dinner with Nicole. {Thursday} check

- John's Basketball Game. {Friday}

- AlethiaYouth {Wednesday} check

- Eat a fruit & vegetable every day.

- Church Challenge.

ok. that's all for this week I think. Adios.

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