Tuesday Thoughts

Well, I think my blood has finally stopped boiling... It is snowing, cold, and extremely windy here. I knew my commute to work wouldn't be too fun. What I didn't know is that I wouldn't make it out of the driveway. One snow drift just pulled me over off the driveway into another 4 ft. snow drift. I was seriously stuck and knew there was no way in heck I was gunna be able to get myself out [the car was practically tipping over- my neck hurts from sitting in the car so long trying to not fall over] So, I call my boss... Her idea- come pick me up! Really??? I can't make it down my driveway and you're gunna drive the *whatever* miles to the road so I can walk up the driveway in the -30 windchill snow and through 4 ft drifts??? Really??? Yes, really. Because that's exactly what happened. Now I'm at work. Yahoo.

Praying for Mandy today. She left last night to go back to Richland. One of her small group girls' dad passed away Sunday morning. Goodness, I can't even imagine. Praying that Mandy has just the right words and God uses her to bring some kind of understanding and peace to Dez... So hard.

Since she left yesterday, I sat at their house so Michael could go play basketball with Manny and the guys. SUCH a relaxing time. Listening to Joshua Radin w/ A Fine Frenzy Pandora Radio. Perfectly quiet house. Great book. Dreaming of the amazing road trip Manny and I will hopefully take this summer before school/student teaching start. Couldn't ask for a better hour and a half. LOVE this song-

Jackson threw the BIGGEST tantrum yesterday. Seriously he was freaking out so bad he lost his voice and has bruises on his legs from throwing himself on the floor, against furniture, etc. UGH.

BIG NEWS: I GOT 1st AT LASER TAG!!!! FIRST PLACE!!!! KIM POLLARD!!!! Seriously, like so exciting.

I'm cold.

That's all for today. Bleh.

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