back to normal... for now.

june has been a crazy month.
i can hardly believe it's actually july 2nd.

we traveled.
to montrose & minnesota. 

we prepared.
for Joplin Mission Trip. fundraisers & bike rides.

we prayed.
for the Waldo Canyon Fire.
all pictures from facebook

i feel like that pretty actually sums up the month.

our little trips were great. such a blessing to spend time with joshua's great-great Gram & his great-Grandpa Huntley & Grandma Chris.
he was an excellent traveler. airplanes. and hotels. and naps all over. and long car rides.
he is a champ.

we're so close to Joplin. less than 2 weeks now. most of the funds have been raised.
now it's just preparing. and not forgetting. and keeping tabs on everything.
and praying that God will prepare my heart to leave my little boy for 6 days. in a million years, i never thought it would be this hard. i already miss him.... seriously. just pray for me.

and the fires. my goodness. one week ago today, was really one of the most surreal nights of my life. driving down woodmen rd. seeing the mountainside lit up in flames. chills and tears. knowing families who have lost everything. but confident that this was all part of God's plan. but lives were lost. and firefighters keep waging war against this monster... an end is in sight. Praise God!
but it makes you think. if i knew i would never see any of this "stuff" ever again... what would i take? what's important? even our wedding album could be replaced... just interesting and terrifying to think of....
God's in control. He's got a plan for this city. for this firestorm. He knew all along.

in other news. my boy is 8 months old. in just 4 months, he will be one year old. i just don't think i can handle it.
8 month post will be coming late...
as i... left my camera in kearney, ne. i'm so lame. bah.

so today. it's so nice to be home. settle back into our normal routine.
for 13 days at least.
leaving for Joplin july 15th.
i'm going to enjoy this normal life... for now.

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