what a difference 1 year makes...

it started at prom this year. 
i just couldn't stop thinking about how last year at prom i had a little baby bump, was pretty exhausted, had a pretty queasy stomach, but was starving... and then eventually threw up everything i ate at after prom. haha.
it's so funny to think of the huge difference between last year and this year. 
last year we were living with my parents. i was working full time with jackson. 
i was sick all the time from that baby in my belly. 
we were so full of joy and anticipation. 
just wondering what in the world our baby would be, look like, sound like, smell like. 
how it would change us. change our lives. 

and now he's here. 
at prom this year, my sister graciously babysat and we enjoyed a night out. 
no sickness (thank goodness). probably just as tired. 
but i left early to get home and sneak into joshua's room to give him kiss. 
this year our lives our still just as busy and full...
 but we have this baby to make us laugh, hold so tight, and love. 
what a difference 1 year can make...

another last year/ this year picture of us at manny's triathalon. 

so as this year continues i just keep thinking of where we were exactly one year ago. 
and were we are today.
so thankful for where we've been and what we now hold...

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