our love story, part 2

all of the sudden, something was different. 
i really have no idea what it was or where it came from. 
but God changed our hearts & we were seeing each other differently. 
only issue: i was going back to new york in a week. and because of his recent past, the idea of "us" to the rest of the world would have been a little too much... 

the next seven days were crazy. 
doing everything we could to see each other. crazy emotions. trying to figure out what this means.
what does God have planned for this?
{camping trip right before i left for NY}

fall 2007: 
manny was back in the springs going to school & living at his parents. with Jason. they had bunk beds. 
i was in new york. playing volleyball. pretty much miserable. trying to decide if i should come back home. 
and we talked. we wrote. every tuesday i sent him a letter. 
something incredible was happening. 
{just some of our love letters}

by the time i came home for thanksgiving, there was something no one could deny. 

Thanksgiving 2007: 
he told me he loved me. 

then i went back to school for a few weeks. 
he asked my dad if he could date me. 
my dad told him if we got married before i finished school he wasn't going to pay my student loans. 
{dad, he was just asking about dating me!} 

december 2007: i moved back home
we dated. it was wonderful.
{at a friends wedding, spring 2008}

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