our love story, part 3

to celebrate our 3 year anniversary... see part 1 & part 2 

so we dated. we had lots of fun. 
we quickly talked about spending our forever together. 

I'll be alright
Have no worries
I'm just a bit over anxious
And maybe a little impatient
At the end of the night next time after we look at the star filled night
Can we escape to a far away land where we will forever remain...
Living as one and walking hand in hand

song- here's looking at you kid by corey crowder

august 13, 2008
we got engaged!!!
after 9 hours of volleyball practice. 
in the middle of pre-season. 
in a church parking lot.
dropped the ring on the asphalt. 
came home to my best friend's birthday party & all our closest friends. 

 totally suprised.
totally awesome.

august 2008-july 2009:
we were engaged. and doing a lot of other things...
planning a wedding. volleyball. college. church. ministry. 
we had a long engagement so that my best friend could be home for the wedding after being gone the whole year away in Africa on a mission.
i enjoyed every.single.moment. of wedding planning. seriously.
{i would do it over again in a heart beat!}
copyright jonathan betz photography 2008 

july 18, 2009: 
we got married!!!
there are really no words to describe our wedding day. 
it was just such an incredible celebration of us, our all mighty God who brought us together, and our wonderful friends and family.
i really loved everything that our wedding day represented. 
from the worship and feet washing during the ceremony. to all the people in the wedding party. to the almost 400 people in attendance. it really was just a celebration. 
a celebration of our love and our God. 
{the ceremony}





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