Joshua Manuel: 8 months

I keep saying, "in just 4 months you'll be 1 year old!" It seems absolutely absurd that the all elusive one year mark is so close... I am constantly amazed at your development and intelligence. It's crazy to think that not to long ago you couldn't hold your head up. Now you sit up, crawl, try to walk, laugh, yell, coo, sing, pretend to clap, and know exactly what you want and how to get it.

For example, right now I'm sitting on the floor in the kitchen. Daddy is outside and you seem to think it would be fun to crawl outside onto the wet deck to be with Daddy...

At 8 months old, you are sweet and funny. If I fake laugh you repeat it. We go back and forth, back and forth with these fake laughs. You are vocal. You talk to everyone and have no problem expressing your likes and dislikes. But you are my thinker boy. If you get into an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people you keep very quiet and very serious. You are also friendly. You have no problem being held by other people and when with friends your own age you want to go say hi and touch them.

This month we could just call you Mr. Explorer. You're crawling all over and getting into everything. Not to mention everything goes into your mouth! You like playing in your excersaucer. You can play by yourself but only if no one is in the room. As soon as you see someone they have to come play with you & pay attention to you. Anything that is not supposed to be a toy, is the best toy. Particularly keys, anything plastic or paper, and cords of any type. We really have to keep an eye on you all the time now. Or at least make sure you are no where near trouble. Because you'll find it. 
We took you swimming for the very first time! The first time it was Momma, Daddy, Joshua and Jackson at the YMCA. You had lots of fun swimming and kicking. Every time you  splashed you were very surprised! The second time Momma & Kma took you with Uncle Johnny at the hotel pool on our way home from MN. You were much more apprehensive and it took you a good 10 minutes to warm up to the idea of being in the water. I think it was the colder water & you just being more aware of your surroundings. And maybe you felt a little less secure without Daddy there.

 We are still on just about the same schedule. You are eating more and more "real people" food each day. I haven't given you a whole lot more options yet, but you are yet to "dislike" something new. You're still in size 3 diapers & mostly the same clothes (6-9mos). Except, you'd been wearing the same 3-6month onesies for a very long time. I finally went to get you new ones, in the next size up and within 2 weeks you'd outgrown them! Thankfully it's summer & you don't wear them too often.

I think my favorite part of this age is seeing you discover all these new things. You are curious and adventurous, certainly not afraid of anything! I love that you just light up when people you know enter the room, especially Daddy, Kma, and Auntie Karla. Uncle Johnny is still a bit of a mystery to you, but you always laugh at him!

This month we went on 2 trips! One to Montrose to see Gram and one to Minnesota to see Grandpa Huntley and Grandma Chris. You went on your very first plane ride! Momma was kind of freaking out about your ears exploding, but you did pretty great and everyone around us was very gracious. And we drove home. 16 hours. You were a champ :)

They were both really great trips & I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend with your great-great Gram and

This has been a great, busy month. You keep us on our toes & make us laugh 

Little man, you are so great.
we love you more and more everyday!
love, your momma & daddy

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