our love story, part 1

in honor of our 3 year anniversary i've written our love story... 

may 19th, 2006
i actually don't specifically remember meeting manny. but he tells me it was this day. 
it was my last day of high school. 
his first day at the intern for my youth group. 
the youth group was doing an all-nighter. 
sometime during the event manny & kim met. 

fast forward through the summer of 2006: 
manny had a girlfriend. kim was getting ready for college. 
we went on a mission trip to Biloxi, Mississippi together. 
on the trip my sister gave him a terrible, beyond terrible haircut. 
we were friends. 

fall/spring 2006/07: 
manny goes to school at UNC. kim heads off for her first year at Iona. 
during spring break Manny comes to New York to see his friend Tim. 
i meet him in the city for lunch. we ate and talked at Penelope for hours, as friends. 
manny had just broken up with his girlfriend. 
i had a "thing" with this guy at school. 
we were friends. 

summer of  2007: 
manny was still the intern at our youth group. i was a leader too. 
we were going on another missions trip to Peru. 
we were doing a ton of ministry. and always said, "someday I'll be your Jodi & you'll be my Sam."
{funny how things turn out}
went to Peru. i did construction. manny was a cat. 
we were friends. 
got back from Peru. 
Jason came to visit manny, so our group of friends were hanging out all the time. 
camping, elitches, hiking, etc. 
we were friends. 

July 31, 2007: the night poker was cancelled
poker got cancelled & we hung out. 
all of the sudden... 
we were more than friends. 

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