Tuesday Thoughts

so we're going to go for the whole random Tuesday Thoughts thing today...

It's unbelievable how quickly summer is filling up... Calculated yesterday- we really only have 2 free weekends left {in June}. camping please.

I'm glad see & feel that summer is pretty much here.

My flip flop tan is starting to reappear. this makes me one very happy girl.

18 weeks pregnant... I have a new sport- speed walking. I've decided to give up on the whole running thing... I'm miserable every time I've tried since my race {ok, that may have only been twice but still} and what's the point of being miserable. I'm pregnant!

Yesterday I had a new first- Manny had to pull the car over {twice} so I could throw up! Yahoo.

I did the best necklace this weekend {I think it might deserve it's own post}

Colorado Springs has officially been renamed {by me} the Windy City.

Tomorrow I might have jury duty... Should be interesting.

My brother turned 15 this weekend. That makes me happy, sad, and want to cry happy-sad-proud all at the same time!

I watched Shutter Island with my sister this weekend and was sure I would have the worst nightmares. And not one came- THANK YOU JESUS.

Pretty much all I think about is crafting lately. I wish I had more money & I wish I had more time. {Isn't that everyone's problem...?}

This week in church we sang a song that said "prostitute" multiple times. I love our church. And the book of Hosea. And the truth that comes from it.

I'm very tired and have quite a bit of homework to do before midnight. Ugh.

I should get to work. I will. Eventually.
{and if I was really full of energy or something I would make this post look cool but since I'm not I won't}

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