Tuesday Thoughts

I've been kinda slacking in this blogging thing lately. But have some fun things to post about...soon.

It is 9am and so dark because of the rain clouds you would think it was 9pm. But Jackson has a flashlight & it's the best toy ever!

I'm going a little stir crazy... Stuck inside this house with a toddler who doesn't talk... Day after rainy day after cold day after day. summer please get here soon!

I can't believe I'm 17 weeks pregnant! I've been feeling pretty good. I still eat quite a bit of cheese. And every time I go to the grocery store anything Pillsbury in a can that pops sounds delicious! I'm barely showing. boo. I'm still quite exhausted and try to nap every day while Jackson does. Think I'm starting to experience that whole running/clogged nose all the time thing. And really, I can't wait until June 7th -just 2 weeks till we find out the sex!

Now there is so much hail on the ground it looks like it's been snowing...

Really looking forward to our Tahoe trip!

I'm realizing more and more every day that God is in control of everything and there really is little reason to make plans... Ha.

Finished reading Redeeming Love on Sunday. Goodness. I love that book. And our book club has been great!

time for some gift list:
304. tuna melts for lunch
305. rain & moisture for the parched land
306. looking forward to days off with my husband
307. warm socks & comfy sweatshirts
308. a nice man to stop in the middle of the night and help us
309. excitement for what is yet to come
310. a friend to start a new adventure with
311. creative ideas
312. hope for more time and money to be creative...
313. jackson & his whisk
314. flashlight on a dark and stormy morning
315. great Fernihough boys who always have something to say and always make me laugh
316. a friend to do "big things" with. and small things too!
317. June 7th. get here sooner please.

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