ABC Baby Shower

On Saturday my mom and I threw a baby shower for Kellie. Kellie's mom, Diana was probably my mom's first friend when we moved to Colorado and Kellie is only a year older than I am. We had countless sleepovers when we were young and have remained close for many years.
We were honored to be able to celebrate the coming of Kellie's first baby - a boy!
They already picked a name- Abel Jon.
We chose a theme- ABC's and had a blast putting everything together :)
I was in charge of the decor and games and Mom took care of all the food.

- Abel Jon banner
- Congrats banner
- X Y Z vases
- wooden abc blocks (took them from Jackson)
- diaper cake
- F is for food, D is for drinks, K is for Kellie cards

- Favors: Personally Monogrammed Blank Cards

- Baby Word Scramble
- Smell & Guess the Baby Food

- 3 different quiches
- Fruit salad
- Spinach salad
- Pastries
- Cranberry Punch, Coffee, Iced Tea
- Cupcakes

The pictures of my decor aren't super great, but I really did love what put together... And I think Kellie did too!

Mom, Me, Kellie & Diana

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