the machine of sewing {2}

my sister walked in..."What are you doing?"
"Trying to learn how to sew..." as I am hunched over my computer watching, reading, and exploring different tutorials and ideas.

Well, after my first day sewing I've been trying my hardest to learn more, do more, and be better with this little machine.

I spent a good hour at work Monday researching how to make a pillow case dress. Monday night: I made one! {seriously slacking in the taking pictures area} But it was super cute, pretty easy, and totally free!
That night I also worked on sewing ribbon onto ribbon. Talk about needing to figure out how to sew straight...

Today, I've researching cording/piping, how to sew pillows, and found a few projects that could be fun...

All in all, I'm pretty darn excited about this sewing thing. Right now frugality seems to be the key, because it seems so easy to spend tons of $$$$ or very little... I'm working on the very little. Maybe next week sometime I'll have some projects to show... For now, I think I might go sew a pillow...

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