Tuesday Thoughts

- I can't believe it's March Does that mean s.p.r.i.n.g is coming?
- This weekend I flew to California with my parents. For my uncle's funeral. It was truely a celebration of who my Uncle Wayne was and who he loved - his family & his God. His life was a testimony in God's grace, love, and hope. He left with my aunt by his side singing praises and reading Scripture. That is increbible.
- We did get to go to the beach. the very cold beach. It was be-a-utiful.
Me & my momma

Mom & Dad. They are great.
The Water & the Pier After many failed attempts in watching the cold water hit my cold toes... bummer.
I.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e {frame please}

- Spent a lot of time at my brother's basketball games this month.

What a stud.
- Last weekend I took AlethiaYouth's girls ICE SKATING. super fun.

- In other news, I'm super excited about an appleseed.
- I got some really great new clothes this weekend. thank you sales.
- It's time to go get Jackson up from his nap. Have a fabulous Tuesday. I'll leave you with this happiness.

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