more gifts -sorry-

I've been learning a lot. Been thinking a lot. Been challenged a lot.
Trying my hardest to look at life through different eyes.
Eyes focused on the One who Created it all. Gave it all. Gave it all up.
I want to glorify God. That is all I want. I want that to be all I want.
So I keep counting my gifts...

186. time and lists that allow me to focus through the day.
187. accountability and honesty.
188. joyous clapping
189. wonder in the eyes of a child {more on that later}
190. it is always better to give
191. a caring husband. who tries his best to understand.
192. a husband who will vacuum
193. the type of marriage we have.
194. the warmth of inside.
195. water. plenty of water.
196. tears of
197. knowing I don't have to know it all
198. God is in control!
199. only 4 more classes!
200. accomplishments.
201. a friend to tell me it's ok not to get there.
202. support.
203. little boy and his TONKA truck
204. a whining little boy who still listens (most of the time)
205. comfort.
206. funny movies.
207. candy
208. better directions
209. being challenged. not just to say thanks but to see Christ in each gift
210. adoption...hmmm
211. hard thanks

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